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Gatortailz, LLC was inspired by my 14-year-old daughter, Emily. Emily had the simple vision to cut a hole in her neck gator when she was skiing, as the hair rubbing her neck was irritating, hot and itchy! Like many people, Emily has a sensory sensitivity, we cut the tags in her shirts, and she can’t wear the fabrics that every young lady wants to wear – sequins, feathers, lace. So, designing a product that is soft and comfortable was essential.   


Each Gatortail is made of extremely soft fabric that is both fashionable and breathable! Our double brushed knit fabrics are supple and won't irritate sensitive facial skin.

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Gatortailz can be used not only on the slopes but during your everyday activities – walking, running, golfing, horseback riding, playing tennis, even going to the grocery store! Gatortailz come in dozens of colors and two varieties to accommodate all of your tailz- a single hole in the back for your ponytailz, two holes on the sides for your pigtailz, side braidz or side pony.  


Gatortailz, LLC are created by women, from Emily’s vision to the Colorado-based manufacturing facility owned and operated by women. We are proud to support women and local businesses! 


Each Gatortail comes with coordinating hair tie(s) and a Gatortailz sticker, popularly used on helmets, sticker walls, notebooks and water bottles. 

Want Gatortailz Updates?  
  • How do I wear my Gatortailz?
    If on the mountain, Gatortailz are best worn by pulling them over your head, feeding your hair through the designated hole(s) and then placing your helmet on. You can then adjust the front by pulling it down below your eyes.
  • Can I wear Gatortailz just around my neck?
    Yes, of course! Your ponytail or pigtails allow it to stay on without needing to be adjusted. It is easy to pull down to eat or drink and then pull right back up without readjusting or messing up your hair!
  • Will Gatortailz fit under my snowsports, bike or equestrian helmet?"
    Yes! Gatortailz are thin enough to fit tightly under any athletic helmet!
  • Are Gatortailz one size fits all?
    We recognize that not every head is the same shape or size but Gatortailz do fit most! Months of design work went into making them a little tighter, shorter but more elastic than your average neck gator.
  • Can I wear Gatortailz off the slopes?
    Yes, Gatortailz can be worn to work, school, the gym, soccer practice, sledding, walking, hiking, shopping, anywhere and everywhere!
  • Are Gatortailz breathable?
    Yes! Gatortailz are made of a supple tri-blend double brushed fabric that makes it easy to breathe without feeling claustrophobic.
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